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world’s finest mountain biking companion.


Slugs are my new favorite.

If you feel the world does not need more sparkly-trailed slug paintings you’d better tell me now, because all i wanna do from now on is paint TONS of slugs.



runnin with the pack

runnin with the pack

that’s my dog, toby, right in front. he’s too scared of bicycles to really be the leader of the pack, but he’s noble in spirit.


super-quick sketch time!

super-quick sketch time!

because so many of you have asked what it must be like living with the world’s cutest dog, i have illustrated our sleeping arrangements for you.

Oh flapjack.


tigers prefer slanted & enchanted

tigers prefer slanted & enchanted

soon for sale at Bluebird!

The blueberries wish you had bought that handlebar- mounted basket

$18. Now for sale at bluebird ice cream on greenwood.


On luck and foxes.

remember how i used to post images of other people’s amazing art on this blog?  i’ve decided instead to use this as a doodle and painting blog of my very own doodles and paintings.  this means you may see some sub-par and messy quick sketches occasionally, folks.  take for example the moderately surly bear below.  sub-par, but still posted.

i hope you’ll still like me.

but also, paintings!  here’s a little fella for my dearest friend who mails me packages WHEN IT ISN’T EVEN MY BIRTHDAY.  or even my half birthday, which is tomorrow.  Do you know a luckier girl?  no.  you do not.

oh, those hooligan foxes eating all my strawberries!

she deserves foxes because foxes are carefree and lovely and frolic-filled, just as every summer day should be.  and pretty much every day should also be filled with california poppies.