Slugs are my new favorite.

If you feel the world does not need more sparkly-trailed slug paintings you’d better tell me now, because all i wanna do from now on is paint TONS of slugs.



mr. belcastro and his dreamy/sinister critters.

i was never a big fan of scott belcastro’s work – sorry, scott – until he released his new collection called ‘i dare the sky’.  his new appreciation for silhouettes goes beautifully with his already awesome acrylics-that-behave-like-watercolors technique.  the collection is full of shadowy creatures that are probably going to be friendly, but its a little hard to tell.  who knows what is going on in that owl’s head.

take a look at his blog here or peruse the catalog of the collection here.

ms. judith braun and her messy fingers.

do you remember how fantastic it was to paint with your fingers in grade school?  since i love all projects that involve a mess, it should shock exactly no one that i am a big fan.  i have not had enough coffee this morning to get into it, but its easy to get cerebral about the existential experience of becoming the tool of your art.

ms. judith braun knows exactly what all that existential bit is all about.  she’s painted in lots of styles in her past, but these finger paintings are what bring her pleasure.   and her bio has this awesome sentence:

Because if it wasn’t for pleasure all we’d have is a bunch of stuff vibrating.

which is, of course, true at a molecular level even if we do have pleasure.  nevertheless, i’m so pleased that judith braun is pleased, because it means she can make more of the gloriously simple and elegant (!) fingerpaintings.  please see more of her work here.

new arts!

sometimes, even though you’re in the thick of research and you are thinking about science all the time and you’re sleepy you just have to stay up til 2 am and finish a few paintings.

at least i do.

all these froglets are available in the store! buy art to fund science.  backwards, but true.

mr. justin kane elder is seeing spots.

i had the pleasure of going to eat with my sister at revel within weeks of its opening (how very seattle of me!).  did you know they have pork belly pancakes?! also: meyer lemon soju with thyme shoots?! hoo boy.  delicious.  licking liquor off of herb sprouts is my new favorite hobby.

but i digress. on the walls of revel are these enormous portraits of men by mr. justin kane elder.   while i’m not a big fan of portraits for the most part, these are really well done  – beautifully colorful pieces without being too distracting with their brightness or their rough pointillism.  it looks like he’s still figuring out his style, but it’s evolving really well.  and really, who isn’t still figuring out their style?

take a look at more of his pieces at his site here.

mr. roy ruiz’s works say aloha to you.

oh, dear readers, i’ve just gotten back from my birthday trip to hawaii.  it was just so lovely that it might have to become a quarterly trip.  i swam with WILD DOLPHINS, readers.  WILD DOLPHINS. its true.

but enough about that insanely exciting non-art-related events…  i also was privileged enough to find myself in the company of mr. roy ruiz’s pieces hanging in the utterly charming surf break cafe in Hilo.  it seems mr. ruiz enjoys thick outlines, tiny bits of super-brilliant color, and making sure both wood grain and paint get equal attention in his works.  all of those things win me over.

the man doesn’t have a website for himself, but you can contact mr. ruiz at

byroglyphics’ new stuff is glyph-tastic

mr. russ mills, aka byroglyphics (why do non-street artists give themselves tag names? mysterious! maybe he dislikes all the double consonants), is opening up a new show in london tonight.  he’s got these amazing canvases with all sorts of mess and order hanging out together harmoniously.  some of the sneak peeks he’s given out are below, and you can click here to see his older things on his site.