mr. josh cochran, throbby love, and superpowers.

i’ve got a friend who once asked what my superpower is – the one thing that i can do better than anyone else.  i’m pretty certain i can see better than you can.  not in terms of visual acuity or in noticing that you got a haircut, but in picking up on details.  especially the planty, animaly kind of details.

exhibit a – an actual conversation i had during a bike ride with a buddy:

me: wasn’t that hawk AWESOME?

buddy: what hawk?!

me: the goshawk we passed back there on the side of the road! in the butternut tree! eating that house sparrow outta his claw!

buddy: ?!?!?

anyways, i just stumbled across new yorker josh cochran.  then i found this awesome print of his.  and then, in that blushy flustery way, i fell in love and just wanted to tell E V E R Y B O D Y about how awesome mr. cochran is and how he clearly made this print just for little me and how he knew how to use just the right colors and how did he know that i love ocean mammals and isn’t he just DREAMY?  oh mr. cochran, you’ve made me want to go make a mess of prints and have a little artistic fling with my paint right this minute, which i entirely plan on doing.  thanks for that.





p.s. – what’s your super power?  i wanna know.


2 responses

  1. SUPER!!!!

    September 2, 2011 at 11:27 am

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