stuff i just made a second ago

Slugs are my new favorite.

If you feel the world does not need more sparkly-trailed slug paintings you’d better tell me now, because all i wanna do from now on is paint TONS of slugs.



On luck and foxes.

remember how i used to post images of other people’s amazing art on this blog?  i’ve decided instead to use this as a doodle and painting blog of my very own doodles and paintings.  this means you may see some sub-par and messy quick sketches occasionally, folks.  take for example the moderately surly bear below.  sub-par, but still posted.

i hope you’ll still like me.

but also, paintings!  here’s a little fella for my dearest friend who mails me packages WHEN IT ISN’T EVEN MY BIRTHDAY.  or even my half birthday, which is tomorrow.  Do you know a luckier girl?  no.  you do not.

oh, those hooligan foxes eating all my strawberries!

she deserves foxes because foxes are carefree and lovely and frolic-filled, just as every summer day should be.  and pretty much every day should also be filled with california poppies.

DIY menagerie!

what is the best solution for an artist who needs to paint lots of things for an upcoming show and can’t commit to any one thing for longer than twenty minutes?  SEVERAL HUNDRED TINY ANIMAL PORTRAITS!  there’s only 20 portraits right now, but the population is growing fast….

and you, dear readers, can buy each and every one of them at my etsy shop or at i heart indie holidays show in Wallingford on December 10th.

all ready for a stampede.

isn’t it fun forcing other people to look at your vacation photos?  you know what’s MORE FUN?  making people read your vacation comic book!  yay!

when we go on exciting trips, the comic book comes too.  every day is illustrated right before i go to sleep, which means every illustration in drenched in sleepy sloppiness because all that adventure is kinda exhausting.  vacation comic books, though, are exactly 30,000 better at helping remind me of our trips… even when they involve sea snakes and mating sea turtles and ear infections from satan.  you can’t photograph ear infections and my camera isn’t fast enough to photograph sea snakes and mating sea turtles – but being in the comic book is vacation memory IMMORTALITY.

wanna see mine?

30 Canvases in 30 (or 6) Days Art Challenge

deadlines are fun!  i view them like dares.  can i write a brilliant paper in 8 hours?  can i prepare a lecture in twenty minutes?  can i draw detailed diagrams of the nuclear signaling pathways of cryptochrome 2 before my meeting in an hour? yes, yes, yes! ready go!

which is why i love the 30 day challenge so very much.  last year i painted all 30 canvases in 3 days.  even i realized this was absurd.  this year, i decided to sleep a little and paint them all in 6 days – much better!  also, i was simultaneously writing a grant proposal and a thesis proposal as well as organizing an overnight biology field trip and packing for an international vacation.  too bad i can’t get paid for multi-tasking.

wanna see a few of my faves for the show?  themes involved: ponies, glitter, ocean, glitter, bicycles, and glitter.  Its opening December 1st if you’d like to come!

the age-old battle.


bears always mark their cards.  watch out.


happy little bone man.


glowing fireflies and meat-plants.

I just finished a painting for the Artist & Craftsman’s Glow Show – you should stop by any time this month!  Any opportunity to play with things that glow in the dark is a good one, and I decided to up the complicatedness by also making little clay lightning bugs and embed them in resin inside the painting.  I am still not convinced this was a good idea, but it was s u p e r fun.


1. any inherently messy person (exhibit a: me) painting with glow-in-the-dark paint will unknowingly end up with it everywhere.  i went to bed last night thinking i was in a crime scene investigation.

2. resin has wanderlust.  sticky spots abound.

3.  dealing with resin means your house will smell like a meth lab for 72 hours.

things i just made.

folks, did you know screenprinting is super awesome?  did you know its even awesomer with glow-in-the-dark ink?!  i know, i can hardly believe i know how to something so great myself.  if you’re in seattle, get yourself over to the vera project for their amazingly cheap class right away.  i’m so excited about how much knowledge they gave me that i’m feeling like i need to give them a little donation.  what fantastic folks those vera project people are!

anyways, i’ve had a patron commission me for two swimming scottie dog paintings over the past few weeks.  this is why i love commissions – why else would i paint sharks and terriers together?  how else would i realize that painting kelp is super fun?  these little guys were done in 2 hours tops.  quick paintings = cheap paintings.