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On luck and foxes.

remember how i used to post images of other people’s amazing art on this blog?  i’ve decided instead to use this as a doodle and painting blog of my very own doodles and paintings.  this means you may see some sub-par and messy quick sketches occasionally, folks.  take for example the moderately surly bear below.  sub-par, but still posted.

i hope you’ll still like me.

but also, paintings!  here’s a little fella for my dearest friend who mails me packages WHEN IT ISN’T EVEN MY BIRTHDAY.  or even my half birthday, which is tomorrow.  Do you know a luckier girl?  no.  you do not.

oh, those hooligan foxes eating all my strawberries!

she deserves foxes because foxes are carefree and lovely and frolic-filled, just as every summer day should be.  and pretty much every day should also be filled with california poppies.