bumber by number at bumbershoot this weekend.

bumbershoot, seattle’s all-consuming music-visual art-comedy-film-performance festival, used to cost $12 to get in back in the olden days.  now it’s a bank account massacre over there – $45 makes my wallet cry.  but i’m going, gawddammit, because there’s some insanely fantastic art in there and its worth the ramen dinners to see it.

flatstock in all its doe-eyed, heart-rate-increasing, butterflies-in-the-stomach beauty is my favorite thing to ever happen.  ever.  every time.   last year my arm brushed against jay ryan (s w 0 0 n).  i actually built up the courage to say hi to daniel danger.  i nearly dolphin-squealed when i saw all of dan mccarthy‘s prints there IN PERSON.  ohmigoodness.  awesome.

but i’m almost equally thrilled about bumber by number, where artists take paint-by-number canvases and make them awesome.

here’s lisa petrucci‘s cute lil number…


and here’s the ever-impressive mary iverson….

the before-and-after vivisection from janet galore…


and my mostest favorite – ponies with opinions about finance from aaron huffington.  thanks, slog.


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