30 Canvases in 30 (or 6) Days Art Challenge

deadlines are fun!  i view them like dares.  can i write a brilliant paper in 8 hours?  can i prepare a lecture in twenty minutes?  can i draw detailed diagrams of the nuclear signaling pathways of cryptochrome 2 before my meeting in an hour? yes, yes, yes! ready go!

which is why i love the 30 day challenge so very much.  last year i painted all 30 canvases in 3 days.  even i realized this was absurd.  this year, i decided to sleep a little and paint them all in 6 days – much better!  also, i was simultaneously writing a grant proposal and a thesis proposal as well as organizing an overnight biology field trip and packing for an international vacation.  too bad i can’t get paid for multi-tasking.

wanna see a few of my faves for the show?  themes involved: ponies, glitter, ocean, glitter, bicycles, and glitter.  Its opening December 1st if you’d like to come!

the age-old battle.


bears always mark their cards.  watch out.


happy little bone man.



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