ms. judith braun and her messy fingers.

do you remember how fantastic it was to paint with your fingers in grade school?  since i love all projects that involve a mess, it should shock exactly no one that i am a big fan.  i have not had enough coffee this morning to get into it, but its easy to get cerebral about the existential experience of becoming the tool of your art.

ms. judith braun knows exactly what all that existential bit is all about.  she’s painted in lots of styles in her past, but these finger paintings are what bring her pleasure.   and her bio has this awesome sentence:

Because if it wasn’t for pleasure all we’d have is a bunch of stuff vibrating.

which is, of course, true at a molecular level even if we do have pleasure.  nevertheless, i’m so pleased that judith braun is pleased, because it means she can make more of the gloriously simple and elegant (!) fingerpaintings.  please see more of her work here.


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