minimum wage art

Slugs are my new favorite.

If you feel the world does not need more sparkly-trailed slug paintings you’d better tell me now, because all i wanna do from now on is paint TONS of slugs.



DIY menagerie!

what is the best solution for an artist who needs to paint lots of things for an upcoming show and can’t commit to any one thing for longer than twenty minutes?  SEVERAL HUNDRED TINY ANIMAL PORTRAITS!  there’s only 20 portraits right now, but the population is growing fast….

and you, dear readers, can buy each and every one of them at my etsy shop or at i heart indie holidays show in Wallingford on December 10th.

all ready for a stampede.

new arts!

sometimes, even though you’re in the thick of research and you are thinking about science all the time and you’re sleepy you just have to stay up til 2 am and finish a few paintings.

at least i do.

all these froglets are available in the store! buy art to fund science.  backwards, but true.

my grandmother’s gonna be 90.

also, my grandmother is 90 times cooler than you and your grandparents put together. here’s her birthday present.  please don’t ruin the secret.

(p.s.  my grandmother’s birthday is also MY birthday.  try to out-cool that.)

(p.p.s.) our birthdays are december 6th if you’d like to send a note and wish us well.)

forgotten works challenge 2010!

thursday’s the show!  here’s one of my favorites.  others that i remembered to take photos of just seconds before the deadline are here.


forgotten works challenge 2010!

i’m doing the forgotten works challenge again.  i’ve gotta finish 30 paintings in 30 days.  folks, did you know i’m quite possibly the world’s best procrastinator? doesn’t this sound like the worst endeavor for a person like me?  the last time i did this (the very first one, a decade ago) i painted them all in 3 days.  good thing i learn and grow from my experiences.  i’m sure this is the same personality flaw that causes extinction.

here’s all the canvases that are still without a speck of paint on them.  did i mention the due date is this sunday?


one is aaaalmost finished – i just gotta put on the glitter.

anyway, stay tuned.  this is gonna get exciting.

new paintings – swimming

i’ve gotta find some swimming holes, apparently.  i can’t stop drawing fish and mermaids this week.

all of these guys are sitting in my etsy store if you need some art!