mr. justin kane elder is seeing spots.

i had the pleasure of going to eat with my sister at revel within weeks of its opening (how very seattle of me!).  did you know they have pork belly pancakes?! also: meyer lemon soju with thyme shoots?! hoo boy.  delicious.  licking liquor off of herb sprouts is my new favorite hobby.

but i digress. on the walls of revel are these enormous portraits of men by mr. justin kane elder.   while i’m not a big fan of portraits for the most part, these are really well done  – beautifully colorful pieces without being too distracting with their brightness or their rough pointillism.  it looks like he’s still figuring out his style, but it’s evolving really well.  and really, who isn’t still figuring out their style?

take a look at more of his pieces at his site here.


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