akay’s got a rainbow up his sleeve and bluebirds on his shoulder.

today my job asked me to drop a benjamin on legos.  then my job asked me to make something useful out of it.  isn’t science wonderful? as a result, gears and interactive parts are heavy on the list of fascinating things.

akay has taken gears and bike bits and a trailer and put together an automated perfectly-arched-rainbow-making graffiti apparatus.  mr. akay and his troublemaking sweet-heartedness may be one of the finest things i’ve ever come across.  how can one argue for plain walls in the face of this?

akay, if you ever have the whim to come to seattle, we have plenty of walls waiting in the city and you have a place to stay.

please take a moment to watch mr. adam nilsson’s little video of the vandal-bot in action.  as someone who has stopped clicking on videos of graffiti because they’re just so gawdamn intolerable, please take to heart when i say this one is a gem.  if only more videos contained bird song and the little feeling of freedom/loneliness one gets when beautifying a public space.  hats off to you.


p.s. excellent use of toe straps.


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