holi holidays.

this is not really about art, but i heart these photographs so much that i’m posting anyway.  it’s my blog.

i get my love of holidays from my mother.  not the usual kind of love for christmas, but ALL holidays, American or Catholic or Latino or European or African.  i am the whitest german-irish girl you know yet i got cards for kwanzaa.  halloween was always my favorite – all hallow’s eve and dia de los muertos and all souls’ day all in three days! – and saint nicholas day was prepared for with apple-and-carrot-stuffed shoes.  we celebrate half birthdays.  who had the awesomest childhood?  that’d be me.

india and nepal’s spring celebration, holi, looks like it would be 16 days of pure fully-saturated technicolor joy.  the general gist is to forget about rivalries for a time, burn leaves and branches to do away with winter, wear white and flowers and spray each other with powdered pigment.  old people celebrate next to children, and the intergenerational delight of it somehow that makes it more magical.  i can’t wait to go.

these photos were published by the atlantic and taken by various photographers – click through to see them all.


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