mr. gerco de ruijter’s head is in the clouds.

but in a good way.  using kites and blimps and cameras on fishing rods, gerco de ruijter takes photographs from above and reveals the patterns of silviculture, agriculture, and naturally existing trees.  bldgblog gets all wrapped up in artsiness and discusses whether de ruijter’s works are still considered landscapes now that they seem abstract.   how ridiculous.  there’s nothing abstract about the careful placement of plants in a field or branches in a canopy.  plant survival mechanisms are as concrete as you can get!  And clearly these photographs area portraits, not landscapes.  as to whether these are minimalist works (and whether plant phyllotaxis is minimalist itself) is a different discussion.  i’m sure you’ve all stopped reading by now.

Nevertheless, please enjoy mr. de ruijter’s site here!


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