ms. chelsea conboy and octopus lovin’.

i was ordering some hombow last night and saw this poster below the cash register – ohmigoodness, i nearly ripped it right off the wall to take home and treasure in my own selfish little house.  i didn’t, ’cause the woman said it was already spoken for.  i entertained the idea of taking it anyway for a whole 30 seconds before i regained my morals and realized how awful i’d be.  but you would have done the same if you had only seen this poster in it’s whole, real-life glory!  take a look:

not only is this poster advertising a whole week of amazing octopus events at the seattle aquarium, but one of those events is an OCTOPUS BLIND DATE.  if you know octopuses, you know this could end in either sweet, sweet love or dinner.   have you ever, dear readers, seen a poster that illustrated its events in a more appealing way?  i am going to go right ahead and say that the layout of this thing is brilliant, and i haven’t even begun to discuss how beautifully that octopus is wrapped up its own ink.  plus how the font looks like the octopus wrote its own name.  plus how the colors are a glorious turquoise and orange and yellow and indigo.  and how incredibly happy that octopus is – clearly its thinking about its upcoming date and/or meal.  it’s PERFECT.

ms. conboy has been doing plenty of things around town – i first came across her design firm double felix last year, when she designed all those camp-themed ads for bumbershoot.  and when poking around on her flickr, it’s clear she shares my appreciation for cephalopods.

doesn’t this look charley harper inspired?  it makes me like it even more.


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