ms. jovi schnell is sneaking around in alleys.

ms. meighan o’toole from this delightful blog took some snapshots of ms. jovi schnell’s amazing concrete mural project entitled ‘evolves the luminous flora’.  i know, i know.  the title hurts, but its her art and she can do what she wants, yo!  there’s a whole series of awesome photographs showing the process being hindered by a cute dog here.

her walkway is done with some pretty amazing stuff called streetprint (which we’ve got a bit of right here in seatown!  holla!) but it doesn’t look like anyone has ever used it to create anything nearly as gorgeous as this.   all the designs are not just for the beauty of it – ms. schnell designed each component with a deeper meaning in mind a la pennsylvania dutch hex signs.  please take a look at more of her gorgeous color-block works at her site here, and read more about this project here.

this work is what appears to be the first approved project in the san francisco redevelopment agency’s alleyways improvement project, and from the meeting minutes, it looks like san fran has PILES of money for alley beautification.  get on it, sf artists!  i have to admit i’m a bit jealous.  at least seattle has nord alley.


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