unloved chairs: don’t lose hope!

i adopt chairs.  it’s a bad habit to get into.  any chair left on the sidewalk  is just moments away from being stashed in the back of my car, regardless of its state of disrepair or its usefulness.  i envision each, eventually, being painted and varnished and charmingly encircled on my back porch.  i have never actually done this to any of my chairs.  thankfully, my relationship is sturdy enough to withstand the unsettling stress of knowing that at any moment, another chair may suddenly appear in the house without warning.  his patience is endless.

given that, these folks – ms. anneke von bommel and mr. cameron maclean –  are my heroes.  abandoned chairs are lovingly repaired and beautifully restored into working order, without covering up all its personality.  there’s respect for a chair’s character.  there’s beautification without revamping.  there’s still a soul in that chair, people, and all it lives for is to help out more tired asses.  and isn’t that the future we want for all our chairs?

i can’t find a collaborative website to send you to, but  ms. von bommel’s etsy store is here, and mr. maclean’s etsy store is here (take a look at those stunning wooden fenders!).



One response

  1. Anneke

    Awwww, Shucks!

    Thanks for your kind words and encouragement! We are pleased to hear that you like chairs as much as we do. The media opening is tonight for these pieces that were in the works for over 4 months. It turned out to be a lot more labour than anticipated, but it was great to give these chairs a second chance. There were 5 in total…in various states of disrepair. Thanks again for posting, and your interest!

    January 26, 2011 at 12:49 pm

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