ms. jean bradbury and an abundance of fur.

i have a confession: i spend quite a bit of time on  while femininity escapes me almost entirely, 3rd-grade-girlish squeals of joy pierce the ears of anyone near whenever i am in the presence of  very small fuzzy things (such as the one i own).

you can imagine the noises that happened, then, when i saw these stellar oil paintings by jean bradbury in fuel coffee months ago.  look at that touchable, adorable fur!  look at the careful attention to botanical details!  look at the glowingness of it all!  there’s no hiding that she’s a lover of fuzzy things too.  you’ll see what i mean when you see all the weasel-and-small-mammal love on her site.  plus, she’s got that botanist eye.  i like this woman lots.  would it be creepy if i, a complete stranger, invited her over for hot toddies? please voice your opinion on the matter.

also, you should know that the snowberries and the beautyberries here are two of my most favoritest plants for the following reasons: 1) they are considerate enough to give us lovely berries to look at in the winter when every other plant is bare, and 2) they make excellent miniature snowball stand-ins when you need something to throw at someone.  i’m quite glad she painted them together – they’re a good pair.


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