ms. candy chang has brilliance coming out of her ears.

my morning has improved in quality 600% when i saw pictures of the new “i wish this was” project by candy chang.  before you get to the photos, take a moment to think about the amazing brilliance involved with putting up community chalkboards in south africa, a benefit calendar proclaiming the wonders of sexy trees in new orleans, and a walking tour of governor’s island in manhattan. besides being gloriously well, i am just all gushy with love for the hyper-interactivity of every thing ms chang does.

but now, inducing squeals of delight, she’s made these (non-marring) stickers to put up in her hometown of new orleans bringing attention to the delights and not-so-delightful bits of post-katrina NOLA.  brilliant, effective, and elegant.  please go see more here.


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