i am nearly wordless after seeing photos of this beauty.

ms. chandler o’leary has gone and created one of the most beautiful things there might be in the world, bringing together the idea of the classical scientist-as-observer and the traditional role of artist-as-naturalist and bookmaker all into one thoughtful ms. o’leary package.

she’s found in tacoma, which is quite near mount rainier if you haven’t been, and after over two years of collecting sketches and photographs she’s created individual layers of illustrations.  it’s all sweetly packaged together into a box called an ‘artist book’, and with a bit of folding there’s a slotted diorama created at the top.  inside each of the drawers are 112 individual layers and by sliding these layers into the diorama, you create a new mount-rainier-vignette where each is as carefully illustrated as the last.

here’s the box….

and then, once its opened and the viewing box is assembled on top….

you can dive into those drawers of secrets and pull out layers to assemble.

and, apparently, there are 1.4 quintillion possible scenes to be created.  QUINTILLION! no joke.

such a lovely thing!  please go learn more about her artist book at anagram press’ site.  and you, lucky thing, can purchase other pieces of hers if you don’t happen to have the $2600 for her local conditions… she has an etsy site here.


One response

  1. This is wonderful. Now I want to see how you did the cutouts.

    November 29, 2011 at 10:50 am

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