mr. preschoux has got his hands tied.

i am not sure if anyone else has this problem, but here goes: you’re out in the woods, you see mossy arches of horizontal limbs and the glorious repetition of tree next to tree next to tree and the vibrancy of greens, so you take a photograph.  When you look at that photograph later, you find a magic-less snapshot that has somehow been completely washed out of all its amazingness.  it is not NEARLY the same extraordinary sight you saw in person, and then you get kinda pissy about it because the woods were really so very incredible when you were there.

sebastien preschoux must never have this problem.  mr preschoux makes installations in natural settings with nothing but cotton thread, and then takes photos that have CONCENTRATED MAGIC in them.  could there be anything more simple and lovely at the same time?  the most perfect element is that his installations highlight without distracting from its location.  genius.

his site is here! he paints as well, things like three-foot-long gradation studies.  clearly the man is a patient one.


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