seattle waterfront PLUS FUN

this is completely unrelated to art, but it’s my blog and i’ll do what i want: apparently the folks on pier 57 just put in an application for a permit for a 175- foot-tall ferris wheel.  holy buhjeezus, i’ll be the first in line.

for a visual, let’s start with seattle right now:

and now, lets see what happens when someone drops in a 175-foot-tall iron ride of delight:

i choose option 2.   what seattle do YOU want?  do you think you’d be able to see octopi if you stare into the water from the top? do you think it will be terrifying/awesome when the ferris wheel gets all jolty and your flip flops are dangling over nothing but elliot bay? do you think you can make out with wild abandon in the only part of seattle’s waterfront that isn’t lame?  YES, YES, and YES!!!

that’s all.  next post, more art.  i promise.


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