fossilization, before your very eyes!

austin houldsworth, like us all, does not have several millennia to wait around for things to get fossilized.  mr. houldworth battled this problem by building himself a fossilization machine which, in theory, would petrify previously-living organisms into fossils in just a summer!  the whole project was commissioned by tatton park’s biennial, which, if you don’t know, is an extraordinary thing.

So, here’s the machine! water flows through limestone and then through the tank where specimens are held, and any passerby assists in the process by helping to pump water through the ducts.

and here’s the partridge going in, not terribly alive…

and then, five months later, coming out, in a semi-but-not-quite-fossilized state.

the pineapple fared most certainly worse.

but isn’t this a wonder, even though it didn’t fare particularly well?  mr. houldsworth, congratulations on your ingenuity!  also: welcome to science, where even failure is a success.

thanks, we make money not art.



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