stand back! i’m about to show you something amazing!

i hope you’re ready for this:

and then there’s this:

isn’t this a wonderful thing? Jessica Rosenkrantz and Jesse Louis-Rosenberg are the mathematical/biological/architectural smarty-pants wonder-duo that make up Nervous System, and they use actual scientific knowledge to construct ceramics and wood pieces that are not just beautiful, but have a thoughtful structure.

this incredible lamp is modeled after the intricate pattern-in-a-pattern of the cellular structures of seeds.   not only is there the interaction of each seed cell with the neighboring seed cell, but then the interaction of ridges and valleys working together to create an overall pattern that is supposedly necessary for the seed coat to have. their blog goes into how reaction-diffusion models influence their designs, and even if you don’t like modeling (like me!) it’s still fascinating.

also, they have perhaps the coolest jewelry in the world: rings inspired by radiolaria, necklaces inspired by plants’ vascular elements, and a necklace of a dichotomous tree. truly amazing stuff.


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