condo overlords are for the birds

my new favorite canadian, myfanwy macleod, has sculpted these gigantic house sparrows for placement among the ridiculous new condo-ization of the athlete’s village left over from the vancouver olympics.   there the condos sit, greenly-constructed, insanely overpriced and almost completely vacant.

how appropriate, then, that two house sparrows are making the courtyard their home!  the clever ms. macleod meant her installation as a commentary of the ecology of the site.  From her statement:

Locating this artwork in an urban plaza not only highlights what has become
the ‘natural’ environment of the sparrow, it also reinforces the ‘small’
problem of introducing a foreign species and the subsequent havoc wreaked
upon our ecosystems…. The Birds reminds us of our past, but it aspires to
challenge the future. It is my hope that the work stimulates understanding
that will lead to a greater sense of shared responsibility and caring.

more from ms. macleod here.

photo: Tuija Seipell


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