celeste boursier-mougenot makes treats for your ears.

can you believe the henry art gallery is free, large, and only two blocks from where i work?  i know.  it’s just amazing.

right now there is a small-scale exhibit of her installation in the video below sitting at the henry.  i know, installations are often not fun at all.  but in this one,  china bowls float in a wading pool and chime when they touch, which sounds frivolous and boring, but no! IT IS MAGICAL.  like unicorns and the kool-aid man/pitcher are going to wander by holding hands at any moment kind of magical.

but! as amazing as that installation may be, there is absolutely nothing finer than watching cheeky little zebra finches poke around on gibson les pauls, shredding while they cheep at each other.  how simple! how delightful!


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