I have featured a lot of artists on here for you folks, but here is the first one i have the pleasure to know in person… presenting ms. treva elwood for your viewing delight. not only does treva paint her family’s photographs – an heirloom made from a heirloom! – with a heart as big as cuba, but she paints with a palette so bold only a well-tuned artist could pull it off. background textures and vintage patterns add just enough vague reminiscence to flesh out a feeling of familiarity even though you’ve never met the subjects.

yep – she can do all that, and be the very finest and funnest human being there is walking around on two dance-y feet. if you are in the Baltimore area, please make a trip down to
Jordan Faye Contemporary
1401 Light Street
between 6 and 9 tonight, February 4th, for their opening for three artists – the lovely ms. elwood included.

can’t get enough? more of her goodness here.


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